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On 21 Sept. 2017, Class VIII-B conducted a special assembly on the topic Ideologies of Gandhi . The presentation gave the message about Gandhi s principles to be instilled among today s students with zeal and optimism to bring about a change in the society for betterment. On 2 Nov. 2017, Class VIII-D conducted their special assembly on Disaster Reduction Day. The students displayed major concern on the depleting state of Mother Earth through natural as well as man made disasters. Different situations were shown where natural disasters like earthquake and flood caused widespread destruction of life and property. Students were sensitized regarding the safety measures and the drop, cover and hold techniques in order to protect their lives. On 6 Nov. 2017 Class VIII-C conducted its assembly on the topic Importance of Fundamental Rights and Duties through a street play. The students displayed their enthusiasm by intimating the audience about the duties and responsibilities we need to perform and in turn enjoy the rights bestowed upon us by the Indian Constitution. Students of Class VIII-A conducted a special assembly on 16 Nov. 2017 themed Value Education and Life Skills. A poem recital was followed by various fragments of a skit which depicted the virtues of determination, hard-work responsibility, and self-reliance. The learners were guided to imbibe the values of perseverance, simplicity, empathy and truthfulness in their life.