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Special Assembly Janmashtami and Independence Day On 14 August, 2017 Janmashtami and Independence Day were staged in the special assembly. The patriotic fervor unfolded the spirit to conquer heights. Patriotic Group Song, an Inter House Competition was organized to mark the zest and zeal of the day. Special talks and thought were delivered by the students to throw significant light on both the occasions. 20 August was observed as SADBHAVNA DIVAS to commemorate 73rd birth anniversary of Rajiv Gandhi Sadbhavna in English means good will and harmony, therefore the day is Harmony Day for India. Rajiv Gandhi propagated communal harmony, peace and integrity. He pioneered many projects to fulfil the vision of a developed nation. The students of the school, took a pledge that they will work for the emotional oneness and harmony of all the people regardless of caste, region, religion or language. They further pledged to resolve all differences through dialogue and constitutional means without resorting to violence. On 18th August, the student council took the New India Pledge which was repeated by the school students. They pledged to build a new India by 2020, a clean India, a poverty free India, a free India, a terrorism free India, a communalism free India and casticism free India. Together they promised to whole heartedly strive to accomplish the above mentioned pledge which commemorated the Quit India Movement in 1942.