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The School aims at all round development of the child - holistic development. Holistic education aims at fullest development of human potential. Emphasis is laid on balanced growth of the cognitive, affective and conative domains of learning. Head, heart and hand work in harmony. Our aim is primarily concerned with personal growth and all round development of the personality of the pupils. Information giving and skill training are the secondary aims of the main aim. The school takes special care of economically and weaker sections of the society.

The teacher occupies a pivotal position in the scheme of education. We believe that no scheme of education can succeed unless there is a dedicated band of teachers to implement it. All progress depends on quality education which in its turn depends on quality of teachers. The school is fortunate in having a team of seventy highly qualified dedicated teachers.

We have a multi cultural students population. We teach students the importance of tolerance and respecting each other's culture. Discipline, values and integrity are the very foundation of the school. We firmly believe in the rich cultural heritage of India and want to inculcate in the students love for the country and its traditional values of non violence, peace and tolerance.

There is a greater emphasis on IT enabled learning and empowering teachers with technology and new trends in pedagogy. The school has well equipped labs--Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Maths, Computers and well equipped Music, Art, Audio visual rooms. A spacious well kept library meets the requirements of all age groups. In senior classes we ensure that the topic being taught in a particular class is aided with a computer presentation that teachers prepare before hand. This helps children in understanding lessons better. Evaluation of pupils is based more on creativity and initiative in day to day classroom performance rather than written examinations at the end of the term.

School aims to provide quality education to its pupils at an affordable cost. Our CBSE results are excellent right from the inception of this school. Our students have got entry into Medical and Engineering colleges. We ensure that students who leave the portals of this school after completing their education are competent enough to face the challenges of life. They are best in knowledge and skills and are fully developed individuals to enter the new global society.

Mrs. Neera Bhardwaj