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The library is housed in a spacious hall with shelves on both sides. It is well ventilated, well lit and well stocked with educational CDs, Audio and Video cassettes.

The school library is a treasure-trove of books. The library has a rich collection of latest books in different fields of study and of general nature. The school subscribes more than 20 periodicals in order to update the students with current affairs. The library also subscribes five different newspapers in English/Hindi. The school is a member of British Council Library, New Delhi.

Library inculcates reading habits among students. It benefits, the students with the rich source of information. The library follows the open access system so that each and every reader can select the book of his/her choice from the bookshelves. An experienced and qualified librarian helps the students in selecting relevant reading material. Students from Class I onwards avail this facility on regular basis. Books are also issued to the children for a stipulated period.


The school has spacious and well equipped laboratories for Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Computer, Maths and LCD (Audio-Visual) lab as per the CBSE requirement. The labs are well equipped with chemicals, apparatus and instruments to carry out experiments and investigatory projects. Trained lab assistants maintain labs.

Chemistry Lab
Chemistry lab has a capacity of accommodating 24-25 students. There is a separate working table for each student and a demonstration table for the teacher. The lab is well fitted with water distillation plant, analytical balances, digital balance, fire-extinguishers, charts, models, first aid kit etc. It has more than 200 solid and liquid chemical reagents and 500 glass apparatuses.

Physics Lab
The physics lab is adorned with various models and charts to demonstrate various scientific principles and phenomena. These models help the children understand the concepts. The apparatus are sufficient in number and give every student a chance to perform hands on experiments individually.

Biology Lab
Bio lab is also equipped with different plants and animals specimens, teaching aids like charts and models, different apparatuses and scientific equipments to carry out different experiments encouraging scientific thinking and satisfying students curiosity.

Maths Lab
Fully equipped with all required instruments and aids, the Maths lab provides our children ample opportunities to develop their mathematical skill.

LCD Room
It is an audio-visual room used to enhance teaching through the use of technology with the aid of an LCD Projector.

Computer Laboratories
There are two computer laboratories, one each for the students of the junior and senior school. Both the laboratories are equipped with the most modern machines. All the computers are connected via a Local Area Network. Internet facility is available for the academic needs of the students. Computer education has been integrated with the teaching of academic subjects.