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Month & Date Day Events
1st Friday Session Begins
2nd Saturday VI-VIII G.K.Prelims
6th Wednesday House Meeting
8th Friday I-II Colouring
    III - Sports Activity
    IV & V - Allotment of Houses and House Meeting
13th Wednesday Chetak House Meeting
    VI-VIII I.H.Volley Ball (G)
14th Thursday Disaster Preparedness Month Special Assembly
16th Saturday VI-VIII I.H. E/H Poetry writing (Eco Club Activity)
    IX-X I.H. Spin the Yarn
22nd Friday Earth day
    Special Assembly (Eco Club Activity)
    I - Dot to Dot Painting (Eco Club Activity)
    II - Sports Activity
    III & IV - Talent Hunt
    V - English Recitation
23rd Saturday VI-VIII I.H.Basket Ball (B)
    IX-X I.H.Caricature Compt.
    XI-XII Council selections
    Dhruv House Meeting
27th Wednesday Abhimanyu House Meeting
    IX-X G.K. Prelims
    XI-XII I.H. Cricket (B) Semi final
29th Friday I - Sports Activity
    II & III - Dot Painting
    IV - Hindi Recitation
    V - Talent Hunt
5 - 6th Thursday & Friday Zenith - Inter School Competition
6th Friday I - Paper Crumpling Activity
    II - Talent Hunt
    III - English Recitation
    IV - Folder Decoration
    V - Sports Activity (Prelims + Final )( (I.H.)
7th Saturday VI-VIII I.H.Table Tennis (B)
    XI-XII G.K. Prelims
    Bharat House Meeting
9th Monday Investiture Ceremony
1st Friday I,II, III - English Calligraphy
    IV & V - Hindi Calligraphy
7th Thursday Van-Mahotsava - Special Assembly
8th Friday I - English Recitation
    II & III - Paper Collage
    IV & V - Ribbon Mat Making
15th Friday I Paper Collage
    II & III -Glitter Activity
    IV - Sports Activity (I.H.) Prelims & final)
    V - Kewel Ek Minute (Hindi Extempore) I.H.
16th Saturday VI-VIII I.H.Tile/Glass Painting
    IX-X (I.H.) E/H Poetry Recitation (Eco Club)
    IX-X (I.H.) Badminton (G)
    XI-XII (I.H.) Physics Symposium
22nd Friday I & II - Thermocol Ball Activity
    III & V - Paper Cutting and Pasting
    IV - Extempore (I.H.)
23rd Saturday VI-VIII Preparation for SST Week
    IX-X (I.H.) Hindi Debate
    XI-XII (I.H.) Hindi Debate
    XI-XII (I.H.) Badminton (G)
25 - 29th Monday - Friday Social Science Week
    I & II - Drawing Compt.
    III - Story Telling
    IV & V - (I.H.) Collage Compt.
    VI-VIII I.H. Slogan Writing Compt.
    IX-X I.H. Poster/Collage compt
    XI-XII I.H. Youth Parliament
5th Friday I & III - Brain Teaser (Listening Comprehension)
    II - Story Telling
    IV & V - (I.H.) Dance Compt.(Prep)
6th Saturday VI-VIII I.H. E/H Extempore Compt.
    IX-X I.H. G.K.Final
    IX-X I.H. Table Tennis (B)
    XI-XII I.H. Folder making (Eco Club Activity)
12th Friday Independence Day Celebrations
    I - Story Telling
    II - Tricolour head/ wrist band making
    III - Balloon Collage
    IV & V - (I.H.) Dance Comp.
19th Friday Sadbhavna Diwas Special Assembly
    I ,II, III - Spell Well
    IV - Friendship Band Making
    V - Extempore (I.H.)
20th Saturday VI-VIII I.H. Karate (G)
    XI-XII I.H. Chemistry Symposium
24th Wednesday Janmashtmi Celebrations - Special Assembly
    Eco Club Activity (Jr.Wing)
26th Friday I,II, III - Best Out of Waste
    IV - Declamation Contest
    V - Spray Painting
2nd Friday I & II - Paper Plate Activity
    III- Speech Compt.
    IV & V - Drawing compt.
5th Monday Teachers Day - Special Assembly
14th Wednesday Hindi Diwas - Special Assembly
16th Friday Internation Day for the Preservation of
    Ozone layer - Eco Club Activity
19th Monday Peace Day - Special Assembly
28th Wednesday VI-VIII I.H. G.K.Finals
    XI-XII I.H. Cricket Final
30th Friday I - Best Out of Waste
    II- Fancy Dress Competition
    III - Collage on Gandhiji
    IV & V - Paper Frieze
1st Saturday Internation Day of Old Persons - Special Assembly
    IX-X I.H. G.Sc. Quiz
    XI-XII I.H. Volley Ball (G)
5th Wednesday VI-VIII I.H. Maths Quiz
    XI-XII I.H. Basket Ball (B)
7th Friday I - Fancy Dress
    II- Line painting
    III, IV, V - Pop Up Card Making
14th Friday I & II - Pop Up Card Making
    III, IV - Ice cream Spoon Activity
    V - Debate (I.H.)
15th Saturday IX-X I.H. Cricket (Semi Final) (B)
    XI-XII I.H. G.K.Final
21st Friday I & II - Collage Using Bindis
    III - Candle Decoration
    IV - Kewal Ek Minute (I.H.)
    V - Creative Writing in Hindi
22nd Saturday XI-XII Commerce Fest
24th Monday Disaster Reduction Day
    Special Assembly
26th Wednesday Eco Club Activity
28th Friday Deepawali Celebrations
    I & II - Coloured Diya Decoration
    III - Hindi Recitation
    IV & V - Rangoli compt.(I.H.)
    VI - X (I.H.) Rangoli Compt.
    VI - VIII (I.H.) Solo Song Competition
2nd Wednesday Inernation Education Day
    Special assembly
4th Friday I & III - Creative writing (using picture clues)
    III - English Recitation (Eco Club Activity)
    IV & V - Syro Weaving
5th Saturday IX-X I.H. Cricket final (B)
    VI-X Swachh Bharat Mission - Eco Club Activity
11th Friday I - Hindi Recitation
    II & III - Hindi Calligraphy
    IV - Quiz Prelims
    V - English Calligraphy
16th Wednesday Grand Parents Day
18th Friday I,II, III - Photoframe making
    IV - Quiz Compt. (I.H.)
    V- Creative Writing in English
19th Saturday IX-X I.H. Volley Ball (G)
25th Friday I,II - Paper craft (using paper foldings)
    III - Quiz Prelims
    IV - Ceative Writing in Hindi
    V - Paper Cutting and Pasting
2nd Friday I,II - Quiz Prelims
    III - Quiz Competition
    IV & V - Decoration of Display Borad (I.H.)
3rd Saturday Annual Day Preparations
9th Friday I,II - Quiz Compt.
    III - Paper Craft (using cutouts)
    IV & V - Paper Quilling Activity
12th Monday ID celebration - Special Assembly
16th Friday Annual Day Preprations
17th Saturday Annual Day
23rd Friday Christmas Celebrations
    I - X mas Cap Making & Decoration
    II - X mas Socks Making & Decoration
    III - Snowman Making
    IV - Creative Writing
    V - Quiz Prelims
    IX-XII I.H. Western Duet Compt.
30th Friday I & II - Fruit Salad Party
    III - Sprouts Day
    IV - Best Out of Waste
    V - Quiz (I.H)
25th Wednesday Republic Day & Electoral Day
    Special Assembly
27th Friday Farewell to class XII
1st Wednesday Eco Club Activity
15th Wednesday Accolades Day